lunedì 30 dicembre 2013

Xmas mood never ends!!

 Ok it's late but i don't care, until 6 of Janury it's Christmas time for me, so some pics from my Xmas day. In me hometown we used to meet to celebrate during christmas eve night in front of the huge christmas tree in front of the city hall, it is the best time of chrstimas, cause you can see old firends, give them presents and have fun! I create my chrstmas eve's outfit from the best hat i've never buoght in my life, it is a chocolate cupcake and i git it from a little shop in Morro Bay, California so it makes me think about my last trip <3

 So Merry xmas (a bit late eheh) and happy new year to everyone!!! i don't know exactly what i'll do tomorrow to celebreta but i like to be a ''last minute girl'' :) enjoy your holidays!!!

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