domenica 22 dicembre 2013

From California to Nevada

I'm back from the best trip of my life; i went in California and Nevada on the road and was totally amazing. I dreamed about California since i was a teenager, watching Beverly hills 90210 and then O.C. and at the end i realized my dream and i lived for a beat as Marissa or Summer :)
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here we are, finally in London Heatrow airport, i took my connection to San Francisco in terminal 5 and there you can find the best place to eat some veggy sushu, the name is ''Itsu'' and it got some light-butterflies above, it is just cute and is the best way to escape from the bad food hostess give you during the flight :)

San Francisco, finally and the famous cable car, if you are planning to go there you have to take it!!

Healty (more or less) and tasty breakfast in Serrano hotel, San Francisco.

Union square in San Fran, you can find Macy's and Tiffany so..just go there <3 :)

Dowtown from the coit tower

Best way to do some sport and visit magic places :) God blesses cable cars!!

Conservatory of flowers in Golden gate park

Jellyfishes from the museum of science of Californa, always in Golden gate park

Lombard street, you can get there throw the biggest chinatown in the world!

Fishersmans and the famous pier 39, i loved that place!

Golden gate by feet, it is long very long this red/orange bridge but it was an amazing experience!

I wrote to Santa from san Francisco in Union square :) hope he thinks i'm not naughty!

Legion of Honor

Japanese tea garden it is always in Golden gate park and you can also taste there the best japanese tea evere and some japanese dessert too, as the green tea cheesecake <3

Our hotel in San Francisco, the serrano hotel, near the city centre and very cute with wireless free and breakfast <3

On the road...destination Los Angeles

We stopped during the trip in Morro bay a cute little village with lots of nice shops and a beautiful pier

For sleep duing the trip to Los Angeles we stopped in Madonna hinn, it's a nice and a bit kitch motel with a backery too, i tried this pink and huge cake and it was great. The nicest thing is that ypu can choose your type of room, we choosen the marguerite one, flowers everywhere :3

We arrived in Los Angeles and we had the hotel near beverly hills so the first thing we did was going to see the famous rodeo drive, i dreamed about it since i watched Pretty woman for the first time, unfortunatelly the only thing i could get there was a cupcake, at least it had a christmas tree :D

First visit in Disneyland LA, i went in the one in Paris too last year, but i have to say that this one (in the California adventure park) was better and with more scary attractions :) as the roller coaster and the hotel elevator! At the entrance they give us a '1st-visit-pin, so cute!!!

Hollywood finally and the feet of one of my favorite actors ;)

This could be the best christmas present ever.. i love Ryan Gosling and i think there are more then 100 reasons to do it!!

In the Universal studios we got a minion and some grinchmas atmosphere :)

From Venice beach pier to Santa Monica pier, the end of route 66, there are lots of street artists and this man was just the best musician i ever heard

Some pics of us in Venice beach and Santa Monica, sun, happyness and an huge and tasty chocolate icecream!!

Me at the Lacma museum of La and a detail of my junk-food-inspired outfit :)

Arrived in the Flamingo hotel in Las vegas, Flamingos everywhere, also on my tee!!

American specialty!

Fountains of Bellagio

I think that the best period to see the Gran Canyon is summer, but see it with the snow was simply amazing, best part of our Vegas trip!

Just beautiful installation in Las Vegas

Junk food in the ghost town of Bonnie Springs near Red Rock canyon, a bit scary but beautiful!

In Las Vegas the prefer to use christmas cactus instead of christmas tree!!

Skating in UNion square, San Fran!

Happy moments from Chinatown and Golden gate!

Having fun in Universal city, holliwood and Beverly hills!!

Red rock canyon!

San Fran memories *-*

Hello from the ocean in Santa Barbara

Just chilling and freezing in Gran Canyon <3

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