mercoledì 29 gennaio 2014

FB meets The golden poppy

Today i wanna talk about a cute and delicious vegan bakery based in Rimini and named: ''The Golden Poppy''. I found it thanks to a ''diy'' event organized in a social center in Rimini, which because of exams i couldn't join. :( So i decided to write to this bakery and ask for some cupcakes, i love cupcakes or better i love any kind of sweets expecially if they are cruelty free.

For the motto: '' a picture is worth a thousand words'' ( i hope it works in english too :P) here some pics of the cute cupcakes and the amazing cake I ordered fro my mum's birthday:

soft fruits, chocolate and strawberry, lemon and chocolate and coffee <3

Amazing chocolate cake with vanilla vegan cream and strawberries *-*

And this is the cute package of The Golden Poppy with theirbusiness card and a vegan cookies recipe, i have to try as soon as possible!!

If you want to contact them and eat some tasty pastry without any guilt here the links of the Facebook and Tumblr pages!!

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