domenica 16 dicembre 2012

Fiocchi&Borchie meets Future sailors

Butter cookies, muffins, carrot cakes, chocolate, mousse if you weren't hungry now you could be talking about: Future Sailors, two cute girls from Brno (Czech Republic) and the used to sell their cakes on internet or door by door or during event as the Fleda vintage market always in Brno where i met them for the first time.

Ok i have to say i love cakes and i'm addicted to them but these are more, and are so cute that i was sad to eat it because i didn't want to ruine it but it was so delicious that at the end i was fucking happy :)
Btw i talked to Tereza one of the future sailors because i was really curious about their project; Tereza is a blonde cute girl that seems to come from Grease she explained to me that when she was young she used to cook and cook everytime and also things too difficult for a baby and at the end she decided to create for fun this site to sell her cakes with her sister calling them: Future sailors, the name derives from a BBC comedy a little bit weird but absolutely amusing.
And for the future when i ask her if she wants to open a cake shop or a bakery she answers me: ''no i would like to become a hostess but we could have a little kitchen on the plane!'' ok that's fucking amazing travel and eat delicious cake *-* in that case i could die happy :) 

At least you just have to check their site and try their cakes...enjoy it <3
Eccovi la pagina facebook e il sito
and here F&B with FS <3

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